Inside Real Estate. Buy, Sell and Profit in any Property Market

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The real world of modern real estate exposed Inside Real Estate is a down-to-earth consumer guide for anyone navigating the property market in the digital age

Written by industry veteran Peter O'Malley, this book exposes the truth about modern real estate and shows you how to work the market to optimize your financial benefit

Forget what you've seen or heard – the media's hype surrounding real estate doesn't accurately reflect the reality on the ground

With the rise of digital platforms, foreign buyers and property booms and busts, the agent's role is changing amidst a rapidly evolving field; media spin benefits agents more than consumers, but this book offers step-by-step guidance on silencing the noise and working with reality

Exposing common practices and blowing myths wide open, this book shows you what the property market is today – and how to take advantage of it to buy, sell or invest in your best financial interest

Cut through the hype and learn the truth behind the myths Understand the agent's new and changing role in a disrupted industry Learn the tips, traps and tactics that could sink or save your investment Deal with rising and falling markets as a buyer or seller The industry's digital disruption is not going away, and certain aspects of the market have been permanently changed as a result

The good news is that property is still a smart financial move, and it is possible to come out ahead regardless of the market's behaviour – but first you need to separate spin from reality

Inside Real Estate takes you behind the curtain to help you navigate the market with clear eyes and a solid understanding of the real-world market

Peter O'Malley
John Wiley & Sons Limited