Bags of Energy Now: 30 Minute Reads. A Shortcut to Feeling More Alert and Finding More Oomph

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You’re half an hour away from the new energized you! Why not use your next spare half an hour to skill-up? Each of these short e-books can be read in just 30 minutes

Addressing those painful work problems, and giving practical tools and expert advice to overcome them, the 30 Minute Reads series will make your work-life more productive, less painful and more successful! If you feel like you are only ever running on empty, and long to be switched on, enthusiastic, engaged and energized every day, this succinct, practical guide will help you blow away the cobwebs, learn how to look after yourself, get your problems into perspective and focus your mind

Also available in a digital bundle with 4 other titles as part of 30 Minute Reads: The business skills collection

Bags of Energy Now will help you: Identify the problem and what isn’t working Discover the 10 Big Strategies Put in place your super-structured, super-easy, 5-day count-down plan to no more pain

Nicholas Bate
John Wiley & Sons Limited