The Business Skills Collection: 30 Minute Reads. Go Home E-Mail Free; Bags of Energy Now; Give Great Presentations (And Without a Slidedeck); Make Better Presentations More Often; Boost Your Productivity

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Introducing the 30 minute reads e-book series! You're half an hour away from a pain free working life! So why not fill your down-time with some up-skilling? The average commute to work is 30 minutes

Why not kick start your New Year good intentions by using your commuting time to skill-up?! And with five books in the series you could have the most productive week of your life! Digitally native content optimized to be read on-screen Each book contains 10 short, sharp and to-the-point chapters, finishing with an ‘Action Plan’ with clear, super-structured, super-easy steps to no more pain! Brand new series of short form e-books Each can be read in just 30 minutes! Covering core business skills and problems to make your work life more productive, less painful and more successful

Nicholas Bate
John Wiley & Sons Limited