Entrepreneur Revolution. How to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and start a business that works

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NOW IS THE AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR – DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND The world is embarking on a new age

The age of the entrepreneur, the agile small business owner, the flexible innovator

The days of the industrial age are over

It’s time to break free from the industrial revolution mind-set, quit working so hard, follow your dream and make a fortune along the way

The slow dinosaurs of the industrial age are being outpaced by fast-moving start-ups, ambitious small businesses and technological innovators

Entrepreneur Revolution is a master class in gaining an entrepreneurial mind-set, showing you how to change the way you think, the way you network, and the way you make a living

Successful entrepreneur Daniel Priestley will show you how to embrace the Entrepreneur Revolution and thrive in the new age

• From a successful entrepreneur who is reaping the rewards of the entrepreneurial age • How to shift your mind-set and think like an entrepreneur • Ways to adapt your lifestyle to be more successful

Daniel Priestley
John Wiley & Sons Limited